The rise, and rise of Linkedin: Top 5 Insights for Marketers

It wasn’t until 2003, when LinkedIn came along and completely changed the way people networked. And,we’re talking about a time earlier than Facebook here. So, even as Facebook has gone on to become a giant in social networking, LinkedIn continues to be the ready reckoner for almost everyone who wants to get ahead professionally, through well, networking. Even as other avenues like BranchOut and BeKnown are the latest upstarts trying to find their feet in the world of professional networking, LinkedIn continues to lead the field, and by a good margin at that.

LinkedIn NYSE

Harking back to the time when internet wasn’t all pervasive and where networking meant going to the hottest dinners and conferences in town to connect to the who’s who in your industry, professional networking meant a whole lot of effort, which many times could still leave you as unrecognized as ever. So, staying in touch with people was a big issue and naturally your horizons were limited to a limited set of people you could interact with, mainly due to geographic and time constraints. Enter LinkedIn.

The Rise of LinkedIn

The whole idea around LinkedIn is the sheer simplicity and uncluttered design that this professional networking platforms operates in. This relatively simple and unobtrusive way of staying in touch with professionals of your field is the biggest USP of LinkedIn.

This opens up a whole new dimension of professional networking, giving wings to a professional who has a global outlook. All this, comes with a minimal of time invested, which is another critical factor in our busy lives. Be it a student looking out for an internship or be it a businessman looking out for a new supplier, LinkedIn has made it easier for people to connect and this is precisely why this professional network continues to thrive.

Social networks like Facebook and Google+ are also ways you can get to connect and network with people, but the fact remains, along with the networking on say Facebook or Google+, you also get a big stream of associated updates from your contact that you might not necessarily want to waste your time on. It is here that LinkedIn once again comes to the fore by being an extremely focused network, simply doing what it does best, help professionals network.

5 Key Insights about LinkedIn

Are you extracting the maximum value out of LinkedIn?

I have shared few insights regarding LinkedIn that will help in augmenting your understanding about the greatest networking platform of our lives:

a) LinkedIn’s continuous growth: In February 2012, LinkedIn crossed 150 million members worldwide and it has reached 1 million mark even in countries such as Philippines, Indonesia & Turkey. Almost 20% of LinkedIn visitors come from mobile. Top 1% of LinkedIn users are addicts who visit the website more than 30 time a month and I have to admit that I fall under this category.

LinkedIn 150,000,000 Million Member Celebration Cake

b) Linkedin’s prime time: Users are most active on LinkedIn during afternoon or lunch time and the mobile usages shoots up after the dinner time. This implies that you should publish your updates to LinkedIn around afternoon to increase your visibility and engagement.

LinkedIn Activity Graph

c) Where is the money: LinkedIn posted revenues of $167.7 million in Q4 2011 and the figure showed a 105% jump over the same period last year. Total revenue for 2011 stood at $522.2 million, a 115% increase over last year. Out of the revenue channels, Hiring Solutions again proved to be the largest source, yielding $84.9 million for the quarter. Marketing Solutions produced $49.5 million and Premium Subscriptions gave $33.3 million.

LinkedIn Hiring Solutions

d) Men are more savvy networkers: According to this “Battle of the sexes” insights post on LinkedIn, men are more savvy networker than women globally and a surprising revelation of the report was that the “Cosmetics” stood out as a male savvy field given that it’s a female oriented.

LinkdedIn Men Women Savviness

e) LinkedIn audience profile: According to this infographic, 74% of LinkedIn users have a college degree or better with 26% having a graduate degree. 68% of the users are over the age of 35. This means that most of LinkedIn users are older, well educated and have good salary. Marketers can target specific user group depending upon the needs of their campaign.

As a marketer, these insights about LinkdedIn enhance your understanding of this wonderful platform and how is it being used in 2012. Please share your thoughts below and feel free to suggest any fact that you would like to see in this list.


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