B2B Marketing and SEO: 7 Strategies for Businesses

Let me ask you a “dumb” question: Is business to consumer (B2C) marketing significantly different from business to business (B2B)?

There are a lot of you who hold the opinion that marketing is marketing as we are ultimately marketing to a consumer. You are partially right as the product or service is being delivered to the user but there are few subtle differences between B2B and B2C that we need to understand as a marketer.

Let’s have a look at the top 7 strategies in B2B marketing. These steps will make your business more visible to other businesses. In the ever changing world of the internet, the need for search engine strategists to continually refine the process of optimizing their websites to be at the top of search results is more acute than ever before. Visibility is the biggest factor that can make or break sales and here are few critical recommendations that can bump up your business’ visibility:

Author Information in Search results:

Google Author

A successful blog is critical to any B2B business and it enables that business to share ideas, talk about industry trends, create buzz, showcase products using images or video. Google, one of the biggest and the most important sources of search traffic, has begun considering the authority or credibility of an article as a very important factor in assessing how useful the search result would be for its audience. Thereby, having an author information profile on each of your article and linking it with the google+ page of the author would be a huge boost to your visibility as google is betting big on one of the fastest growing social media network.

Welcome to Pinterest:

I just wrote an article on the growth of Pinterest last month. If you’re a business, it makes a bunch of sense to show off high quality images of your wares on Pinterest, which now happens to be one of the biggest referral sources of traffic. Having your wares being displayed on Pinterest can also give you good social activity whenever users on Pinterest like or share your images, and that is something search engines are now giving higher priority to. Therefore, getting on to Pinterest would be a sound business idea.

Product Positioning:

Good old product placements through smart PR work still continues to be a major factor that could get fellow businesses to be interested in your business. One way to do that is to tie up with reputed online magazines which are influential in their field of things. For instance, if you’re a B2B e-commerce site selling mobile phones at competitive prices, you could be featured on the Wired magazine as one of the upstarts where killer deals could be had on mobile phones. Such product placements will make your business get more visibility by both buyers as well as other businesses you’d want to deal with in the future.

The art of story telling:

Just packing your product pages with more and more SEO keywords will simply turn off the buyer or the business wanting to do business with you. While visibility is one thing, overdoing with too many key words can have  a negative outcome in SEO.Optimum use of keywords along with a clear and concise description about a product can engage the buyer and result in better conversions.

More Graphic content that is optimized:

Source: DavidErickson

Taking off from “A picture speaks louder than a thousand words”, more visualization and graphic content to showcase your products would lead to better audience engagement and will help you to showcase your products in a simpler and a more effective way. Better audience engagement could translate into higher interest from buyers and fellow businesses.Though images are the one of the biggest and most effective ways people use to find products on the internet, images remain untagged and often improperly described by many websites. So, if images aren’t visible to you’re audience, you could be losing a big chunk of traffic arriving from image searches.

Enable social Registrations:

Signing in to view content is very yesterday and audiences simply do not want to create a zillion usernames and passwords for every new website they come across. The simple step of enabling social registrations through various means like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter will simplify life for your audience, while also giving your brand or products more visibility by the audience sharing their web activity on their personal profiles.

Page Load Time is critical:

Red ClockSource: FrankPeters

Page load time is becoming critical for any website and the same holds good for any B2B website. Google and most other search engines hate slow loading web pages and this ranking factor has gained more importance recently. Adding some cache to improve times as well as making your web page more compact could make search engines rate your website higher in search results. This is a seemingly simple step that many webmasters get wrong all the time, by having very heavy webpages. Also, since the search traffic is now increasing sharply from mobile devices, a fast loading and compact web page becomes all the more important.


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