Email Campaign A/B Testing: Top 10 Tips to Optimize

How much time do you take to trash an email?

It is estimated that a user takes microseconds to delete an email. Digital Marketers are always battling to optimize the email marketing campaigns and improve the open rate, click rate and conversions of an email. The two key ingredients to make sure that you are running an optimized email campaign are targeting and testing.

Email Marketing Best Practices

A successful email campaign begins with your email list. You have to make sure that you are reaching out to the right consumers and your email list is highly targeted. Once you have identified your consumers, the next step is to split test your email campaign. Let’s have a look at the top 10 tips for optimizing and A/B test email campaigns:

  • Subject Line: You have only few microseconds to catch the fancy of the user and it all begins with the Subject line as this is the first thing that a user will see when he/she receives your email. Shorter subject lines are considered better than longer subject lines but you should test it for your user base as we can’t generalize this trend for all verticals and user types.
  • Time & Frequency: The timing of your email can be a huge factor in deciding the fate of your email campaign and to figure that out, you need to test various time slots and see what day of the week / time of the day works best for you. You should change the frequency of the email communication based on your user’s preferences and exhibited behaviors and then analyze the result of this test. For instance, you can increase the email frequency for those users who have been more receptive in the past.
  • Localized & Personalized Content: Information in an email should be highly relevant. You should always include personal data(name, location etc.) to make that email content is more personal and more local for that specific user.
  • Used Engagement: You should always aim for an engaging dialogue with the user through an email marketing campaign and in each step of the marketing campaign, you have to offer something new or unique to your reader. For instance, you can start your email subject or introduction with a question and you can answer that question in the email content.
  • Call To Action: It’s always critical to identity the goals or objectives of an email campaign before you start running your campaign. After you have figured out this part, you need to place multiple calls to action in your email that will help you to meet your objectives.
  • Design & Layout: You should also play with different layouts and designs. Buttons, colors, graphics, theme are all important components in A/B testing your email campaign.
  • HTML Vs. Text: Text emails are simple and minimalistic where as HTML emails can be more fancy and attractive. It is easy for a user to read a text email even on mobile devices and tablets. You should think if you really need more pictures and a cool design of an HTML format. As a rule of thumb, my recommendation is that if your email list users do not know you, go for a text format and if you have an opted in email list, go for an HTML format.
  • Avoid The Spam Trap: It is estimated that about 35% of spam emails result from spammy words in subject lines. You should make sure that you are using the right kind of words in your subject line and description.
  • From Field: User a “From” address that looks genuine and trusted otherwise the viewer will reject the email. The sender ideally should be a real person name and not a company email address. This strategy further adds value and human touch to the email.
  • Option to Unsubscribe: You should always give your readers or customers the option to opt out if they are not interested in having future conversations. As a business owner, you need to be transparent and ethical.

A bonus tip…

  • Test, rinse and repeat:
    Keep doing A/B testing, have an eye at your competition, track your critical metrics and analyze what has been working well for you.

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