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Pinterest is all about rich visual imagery and that is just one of the many reasons why the latest social media sensation in town is getting all the attention, and quite deservedly so. To give you a brief overview of Pinterest, it is a form of social sharing involving images in this case. While we do have Picasa and Flickr already, Pinterest takes imagery to an all new level by clearly defining its role as a referrer, as an interest creator and curator of sorts.

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Pinterest: A new tool for SEO

All you need to do once you have a Pinterest account, which for now is invite only, is to go ahead and upload images that interest you. The uploaded images get their own embedded links along with the source they’ll redirect to, just in case the user is more interested than to just look at the image. Just imagine the oh-s0-popular Facebook minus the imagery? Sounds dreary doesn’t it? Pinterest in essence is a Facebook minus all the pesky stuff like a stream of updates from a wide range of people.

Instead Pinterest lets you simply choose the areas of your interest and view a series of images that interest you. Within moments, you’ll be traversing through a wide range of interesting imagery, that in turn lets you access content from a wide range of sources, be it websites producing news or even your neighborhood mom ‘n’ pop store’s online business selling your favourite can of ale.

That is what Pinterest essentially does, it refers you to businesses or other people and it refers other people or businesses to you, depending on the way you look at it.You can pin interesting images to your profile and also like images just the way you’d do in Facebook. Pinterest also lets you tweet images right from your profile on Pinterest, thus creating a lot of cross sharing across social networks, another reason why Pinterest has been driving big volumes of referral traffic.

And for just this, what Pinterest can potentially do is huge, and this is perhaps why both businesses as well as SEO folks are taking Pinterest very seriously. For a publisher, interesting images on Pinterest can drive traffic to websites. Your audience pinning the images to their profiles will create a buzz around the product you seek to showcase, and that is one reason why social marketers have jumped on to the Pinterest bandwagon.

The SEO crowd is excited for the fact that Pinterest is a social medium, which encourages sharing and social interaction is something that search engines have now begun taking very seriously. Plenty of quick and valuable back links too can be generated by Pinterest as the “No Follow” button is still something that hasn’t been made functional on Pinterest, thereby allowing plenty of search engine indexing to happen, all good stuff for SEO.

However, despite all the categorization that Pinterest has currently, which divides the images into a wide and useful range of categories, spam is something that can always raise its ugly head, especially with “no follow” disabled. Now, how the team at Pinterest will get around that problem remains a grey unanswered area for now. Also, the possibility of Facebook or even Google+ replicating what Pinterest does by allowing images to carry embedded links, and going further to allow users share and like them is something that is a distinct possibility.

Add to the fact that both Facebook and to a certain extent Google+, are already comprehensive social networking products that can easily replicate something like what Pinterest does within their existing frameworks is another prospect that the folks behind Pinterest might need to think about. With more than a Billion aboard a social network like Facebook, will enough people just migrate to another, simpler platform to refer stuff and get social is something that is yet to be seen. For now, Pinterest definitely does seem to have plenty of buzz going for it and may well be worth the hype if it gets enough social media coverts to begin using it for the relative simplicity it offers.

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